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Guidant provides bags for children in care with their Little Differences campaign to support World Social Work Day

Posted on 20/03/2017 by Alexa Bradbury in Category Blog
​​​​To mark this year’s World Social Work Day, Guidant Group will be delivering brand new bags to children relocating within the care system.
The aim of the project, entitled Little Differences, was to provide a minimum of 30 bags for each of the local authorities we provide locum social workers to by raising funds and collecting brand new donated bags. Leveraging their network, the Guidant Group Social Care team required just £8 to purchase each new bag so as to make the experience of moving to a new home a little bit easier for a child in care. The team also collected donated bags from their clients in both the public and private sectors.
Inspired by a short film made in the US entitled ReMoved and an article from Community Care outlining why social workers should keep a suitcase in their car, we discovered that many children in care in the UK are forced to relocate to a new home using carrier bags and bin bags to transport their belongings. This can be incredibly detrimental to the mental health and self-esteem of children who are already in a potentially distressing situation.
Our CEO, Melanie Forbes, knew this was a campaign that many people would want to get behind: “I think we can all imagine how difficult it must be for a child to move somewhere new, and if they’re seeing their things taken in bin bags as well it must be a really upsetting experience to go through. Social workers do so much great work for children but it’s not feasible for them to buy bags for every child who needs one. Having their own bag can make all the difference to the confidence of a young person.”
We have successfully reached our goal in time for World Social Work Day, and will be delivering bags to children in six local authorities in Luton, Hertfordshire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Brighton and Bristol.
Founded by the British Association of Social Workers, World Social Work Day is now celebrated around the globe. This year’s theme is ‘Promoting Community and Environmental Sustainability’ and its aim is to highlight the positive impact that social workers have on their local areas.


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