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The use of temporary or contingent workforces is on the rise as both employers and employees seek greater flexibility in their approach to work. However managing a dynamic, increasingly skilled and constantly changing contingent workforce effectively isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s extremely complicated, especially for large global organisations requiring a unified approach.

That’s where our innovative MSP services can help. We will simplify the way you hire and manage your contingent workforce by managing all your processes under one outsourced recruitment service.

You’ll get single, consolidated invoices and reports, as well as access to the same point of contact for all your temporary recruitment needs. We’ll also review your operations and recruitment processes to remove any unnecessary practices, so you can save time and money.

Our network of top recruitment suppliers and talented candidates, across different sectors, ensures you’ll get the best people for the job, quickly – no matter which role you’re recruiting for.

 Benefits of our msp service

  • Less time and money spent on hiring contingent staff
  • Increased visibility on what you spend on contingent staff
  • Only one point of contact for all your temporary recruitment needs
  • Streamlined hiring processes that are easier to manage
  • Highest standards of compliance maintained across all suppliers and candidates
  • Access to a Vacancy Management System – software that helps you manage administrative information relating to contingent staff 

Types of contingent staff

These are the most common categories covered by a managed service provider (MSP):

  • Temporary – non-permanent staff hired for a predefined amount of time
  • Limited company contractor – one person providing services through a company they helped create
  • Consultant – one person providing services on behalf of a company
  • Statement of Work – a person or persons paid a fixed amount, working to set objectives

This list isn’t exhaustive but gives you an idea of the types of roles our MSP service is suited to.

Types of managed services

Vendor neutral

Your temporary vacancies are filled by a list of sub-suppliers who we manage for you.

We won’t supply you with candidates but we’ll simplify the process of managing multiple recruitment agencies for you. We’ll also ensure all suppliers meet the strictest compliance requirements. This sets a high minimum standard for all candidates and relieves you of several administrative responsibilities.

We maintain relationships with only the best recruitment suppliers, so you’ll benefit from expertise you may otherwise not have access to.

Master vendor

Your temporary vacancies are filled directly by us – we’ll only use sub-suppliers in the unlikely event we can’t fill the vacancies ourselves.

We’ll understand all your needs by assimilating into your company, and apply our direct sourcing techniques to provide the experts you need. We’ll also keep up to date with your future projects and offer support through our network of talented candidates.

Hybrid vendor

Your temporary recruitment needs are met through our direct sourcing methods, assisted by a list of the most effective sub-suppliers for niche roles.

This is ideal if you’re hiring contingent workers for a combination of generalist and specialist positions. It means you can benefit from the best supply channel for different temporary vacancies and still enjoy the benefits of a managed service.

Additional services

Payroll services

Enjoy access to a fully compliant framework for managing and paying your contingent staff.

We have years of experience implementing systems in client organisations that make these processes simpler and more robust.

Supplier relationship management

Benefit from a fully compliant framework for managing and paying recruitment sub-suppliers.

As an award-winning business and first choice for many suppliers, we know exactly what they need to perform at their best.

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​Being APSCo accredited, we’re the first choice MSP and RPO partner for many suppliers.

Find out why we should be yours too. 

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