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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

As the economic recovery continues and recruitment moves up the corporate agenda, companies are increasingly turning to Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) specialists to help them rise to the recruitment challenge and remove the headaches traditionally associated with finding new talent.
Our global RPO services will be tailored to your exact needs and will help to relieve the administrative demands and fixed costs of hiring permanent staff. Working seamlessly with your hiring managers, our outsourced recruitment teams will deliver the right people to grow your business on whatever scale you require.
With our extensive RPO expertise dedicated to your assignment, we’ll raise the quality of your permanent hires and minimise the resources needed to find them. Because your HR team’s attention won’t be divided between running your business and finding new staff, the quality of performance in both areas stays high.

Our proven delivery capability means we can handle small or large-scale requirements, across multiple locations.


Benefits OF OUR Recruitment Process Outsourcing SERVICE

  • Reduced costs per hire and lower fixed recruitment costs
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Enhanced employer branding
  • Improved quality of hires and better staff retention
  • Consolidated processes, with high standards maintained across the board
  • Ability to easily increase or reduce your recruitment activities as-needed, i.e. scalability

Types of Recruitment Process Outsourcing


The entire recruitment process – from early planning to on-boarding – is managed by us. This can cover one or many different types of roles.


Only specific stages of the recruitment process are managed by us. You can outsource as many or as few stages as you need, covering vacancies in single or multiple areas.


We handle the entire hiring process for a specific project – this could be a 3-6 month hiring drive, for example.

Recruiter on request

If your hiring needs tend to fluctuate, you can retain our services on an as-needed basis. This means you only make use of our teams – who we can place on-site – when your internal resources are stretched.

Stages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

This provides an overview of different stages in the recruitment process and can help you identify which form of RPO is best suited to your needs: 
  • Planning – developing a strategy for attracting the right people and identifying suitable mediums for implementing this strategy
  • Attraction – building an attractive employer brand and implementing the recruitment plan within appropriate candidate pools
  • Selection – vetting shortlisted candidates, and applying robust selection and assessment practices 
  • On-boarding – new staff inductions, contract generation, as well as Pre-Employment Screening (PES), among others

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​Regardless of size and industry, our outsourced recruitment services can be adapted to your needs. Read what our leading clients have to say about us.

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